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Wizard World - 8 Games Under 1 Roof - Harry Potter

Wizard World - 8 Games Under 1 Roof - Harry Potter

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Based on the iconic books and movies, get 8 games under 1 roof with the Wizarding World Harry Potter Games HQ.

It�s crowded in this Games Headquarters, with eight magical games for 2-4 players, all centered around the included Hogwarts Castle! With imaginative twists on old favorites and brand-new challenges, it�s time to sit down for a spell and conjure up some playtime fun. Includes many games such as Tricky Tic-Tac-Toe, Charmed Checkers, Gillyweed Go-Fish, Magical, Memory Match, Bogey Bingo, Enchanted Hide & Seek, Wizards Trump, and Quidditch Cup.

Eight classic games, now with magical twists. Play with adults and kids ages 4 and up- perfect for the whole family. This set of kids games makes a perfect 6-year-old girl gift or games for kids ages 4-8. Whether your child loves reading the novels or watching the kids movies on HBO Max, this Harry Potter merchandise makes an ideal 5-year-old girl toy.

Get out your Harry Potter wand and brush up on your Hogwarts knowledge� this Harry Potter gift is the perfect addition to your Wizarding World collection.
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