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DND Nolzur's Monster Paint Set

DND Nolzur's Monster Paint Set

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This easy one-click bundle gives you the two most popular sets of the Dungeons & Dragons® Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments range: 46 D&D® Warpaints, 4 D&D® Brushes and two fantastic D&D® miniatures made by Gale Force 9!

  • Great set of D&D Miniature Paints and brushes.
  • Excellent coverage and consistency - Pigments are excellent for use in an airbrush and regular paint brushes.
  • German handmade quality brushes: Basecoat brush, Detail brush and a Drybrush, perfect selection for model and miniature painting.
  • Includes exclusive D&D miniatures: Minsc & Boo, and Owlbear.

Warpaints™ are high-quality acrylic paints with excellent consistency and opacity. Some colours like blue hues will have a better opacity than yellow hues, for example. Because pigments behave differently from colour to colour. We are constantly working to ensure that our products meet the high standards demanded by painters all over the world, and the consistency and continuous quality are something we are serious about preserving. 

Shake Warpaints™ Well

When you purchase Warpaints the paint inside might have separated a bit. So to get a good experience you need to shake them like this: 

1.Shake the bottle hard

2.Squeeze out a bit of the separated medium

3.Shake for 30 seconds

4.Squeeze out a bit of paint to check the consistency

Add two Mixing Balls

We also recommend adding Mixing Balls to your paint to make all that shaking a lot easier! 


  • 1 x 75001 D&D® Adventurers Paint Set
  • 1 x 75002 D&D® Monsters Paint Set
  • 1 x 75003 D&D® Nolzur's Marvelous Brush Set
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